Where to Hire a Process Server

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Where to Hire a Process Server


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What are the duties of a process server?


Their duties include mainly delivering court documents to a person with legal action taken against them. They typically bring the documents to the recipient and hand them over in person, and in case of the recipient being evasive, they adopt other methods to get through to them.

Along with carrying out a proper legal process in Canada and the US, process serving also guarantees that legal papers are served effectively and right on time. This keeps court activities in order.


Where can someone hire a process server?


A fact to be noted is that despite having slight differences between provinces, states and countries, there is only one basic function that a process server follows, and that is to give notice of a legal proceeding to a person who has had some court action taken against them.

It is fairly simple to find process servers, like in law firms and process serving companies. It can also be done through engaging personal lawyers or private persons that have received proper training and have been verified to work on tasks concerning process serving. It is fairly easy to locate one i.e. just by typing in “Process Server” on Google. With just a simple Google search can find several process servers that are close to your residential area. You may find several reputable personal services like Process Server Toronto and Canadian Process Servers, but it would be wise to keep things in mind such as:


  • Asking questions like the service’s success rates and the number of jobs completed.
  • Asking them their costs and comparing them to the ones other process servers are providing.
  • Asking about the process server’s communication procedures.
  • Checking if they are licensed or not.
  • Knowing what services they provide.

On the topic of services, process servers in Ontario, aside from the self-explanatory process serving, usually also provide:


Skip Tracing


Skip tracing is a technique that is used in various disciplines to locate individuals, a relevant example of this would be if a respondent is being evasive and changing locations to avoid being “served”, they can be tracked down through skip tracing. Need to locate someone in (Greater Toronto Area GTA) start here

Acting as a skip tracer, the process server attempts to track down the skip’s location. To locate an escaping respondent, a process server records their full identity detail that includes their name, date of birth, their mannerisms, where they were last found, their vehicle, their job and many more.


Court Filing


Court filing is the process that involves submitting your documents to initiate legal action or add to an ongoing one. It can either be in physical form or electronic. For success at a legal case, it is important to file documents promptly, otherwise, it could prove detrimental. Filing late could have your legal case dismissed with prejudice, so in ongoing legal matters, it is imperative to be mindful of timing.


Document Inspection


Document inspection is a legal permission to be able to peruse and copy the opposing party’s documents in a lawsuit, applicable to the case being held. Through a legal demand, although a very specific one, an individual can be able to identify the documents requested that the opposing party knows what they are supposed to produce.