Process Serving

When you have legal documents such as divorce papers, small claims, subpoenas, etc to serve on respondents. The court in Canada often require you to use a “Personal Service” — someone or agency (who is not involved in the legal proceedings) to hand-deliver the legal documents directly to the person(s) being served.

In Canada, it is perfectly legal for anyone above the age of 18 and who is not a party to the case can serve legal documents on the respondents, Yes, this might seem like a cost-effective means to serve your legal documents. However, there are risks involved due to lack of professionalism and knowledge.

Hiring a professional Process Server to handle the job is definitely the way to go. With our Process Servers, you can be confident that the Service of Process will be handled professionally and ethically, thus, eliminating the risk of jeopardizing your case.



Court Filing

When the Process Server you hire to serve the legal document on the respondent completes the serve. An affidavit of service (AOS) or Proof of service is completed by the Process Server and taken to the court that issued the document for the court cleck to file under your case number.

Before the documents are filed the affidavit of service is notarized by a commissioner for taking affidavits. If required the Process Server sends you a proof of the notarized AOS for your record.

Our Professional Process Servers have years of experience in filing court papers. We can even help out in walking you through in areas where you are short of knowledge. For example, some documents might be missing when filing or the AOS wasn’t filled out properly.

If you have any legal document to file in any court acrosss Canada, we can definitely help with that.


Skip Tracing

What is Skip Trace? A skip trace is an investigative technique used by Private Investigators to trace or locate an individual who is said to have “skipped out” (absconded, on the run) due to legal or financial obligations. Bear in mind that, it is not only limited to those issues.

Typically, when you cannot locate a respondent who you want to serve legal documents, the next alternative thing to do is conduct a skip trace investigation on the respondent. It can be done by accessing the Ministry of Transportation (MTO)’s database, to get an update of the respondent’s address.

It is not all the time that the information received from MTO is enough to locate an individual. Sometimes it requires the use of techniques to get an accurate location of the individual. We have Professional private investigators that can locate even the hard-to-find or elusive skips.


Private Investigation

Conducting a thorough investigation becomes necessary if the respondents can’t be found i.e. in the case of disappearance or missing. The goal is to use every investigative technique possible to find the whereabouts of the respondents.

In some family cases, the respondents may be concealing information (bank accounts, employment ). We can help to covertly locate these pieces of information which may be beneficial during the court proceedings.

Our Professional Private Investigators are highly-trained and skilled to carry out covert surveillance and operations efficiently on a subject. If you need help in investigating the respondents, speak to our private investigators. The consultation is FREE.